Christian Outreach Center was founded by a handful of dedicated believers in November 2001. The ministry is directed by a Board of Directors representing different churches and denominations. Christian Outreach Center Inc. is a registered Non-Profit 501 (C) (3) Corporation in the state of Florida. We give God all the glory for the organization of this bus ministry and for building a fine “Kid’s Church” ministry for children. We are thankful for the opportunities the Lord gives us to meet both physical and spiritual needs of these children. Over the years we have seen thousands of children (and members of their families) develop a relationship with God and ask Jesus into their lives. We are grateful for all who have been involved in this blessed endeavor. We are supported through public contributions and thank you for your generous gift. May God bless you.


What Our Kids Have to Say

 Christian Outreach Center is a nonprofit organization ministering to  children in need by picking them up and teaching them about Jesus. Here  is what they had to say about what we do.  If you have trouble viewing from your mobile device, you should be able to watch from your laptop or desktop computer.